Psychological Help

Psychological Service

Department of Psychology is now ready to provide psychological service to the concern people in Chittagong. Teacher, students of this university or any other person outside the university who are fighting with anxiety, depression, or other forms of psychological disturbance may take this services. The services are given as a form of counselling, psychotherapy, group therapy (laughter therapy) or other psychological help; intelligent test, personality test, ability test, values, mental health wellbeing, may contact with following Psychologists or may contact the department office for getting service.

  1. Mohammed Afzal Hossain, Associate Professor  —————————- 01818380342  01767855388
  2. Dr. Md.Shahinoor Rahman, Associate Professor (PhD, China)————-01712274806
  3.  Lailun Nahar, Assistant Professor ———————————————01837997236

Following Psychologist are also offering counselling service at various region-

  1. Amina Begum Sumi, Chittagong, ————–01710870387
  2. Zahid Habib, Dhaka—————————-01911241887
  3. Ferdous Ara Reshmin, Dhaka,—————-01552549672
  4. Tanzir Ahmad Tushar, Rajshahi————–01712265883
  5. Abu Sayed, Khulna, —————————-01722746333