Laughter Club

Chittagong University Laughter Club

The Chittagong University Laughter Club is a group of Chittagong University students who get together to laugh as a form of exercise. Students from the Psychology Department administer it. Dr. MD.Shahinoor Rahman, Associate Professor, founded this group and serves as its honorary director. However, any student or teacher at this university is welcome to enroll as a member of this organization. In any case, the main purpose of our group is to laugh. There is no need to feel good or cheerful, nor is there any need for jokes, comedy, or even a sense of humor. Just laugh for no reason. Furthermore, this organization organizes psychotherapy, parenting, and personal development training for its members as well as the community. This club also offers laughter therapy and counseling service. 

to be a member of this club plz join our facebook group or contact with

Md. Ifaz Uddin, (MS student)  President of this club

Afzal Hossain Rridoy, (4th year student), General Secretary of this club