Laughter Club

Chittagong University Laughter Club

The Chittagong University Laughter Club is an association of people of Chittagong university, assemble to practice laughter as a form of exercise. It is run by the students of Psychology Department. Founder of this club is Md.Shahinoor Rahman, Assistant Professor, he also honorary director of this club. However, any student and teacher of this university can join here as a member of this club. The main purpose of this club is to laugh anyway. Always need not to feel good or to be happy or need any jokes or comedy or even any sense of humor. Just laugh without any reason. In addition, this club is organized training on psychotherapy, parenting and personal development of the member of this club and for the community.

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Md. Ifaz Uddin, (4th year student)  President of this club

Afzal Hossain Rridoy, (3rd year student), General secretary of this club